About Japanese Language Study

About Nihongomax Fees

Besides many other things, Nihongomax is famous for its three qualities.
1. Fastest Curriculum
2. Lowest Fees
3. Best Results

Lowest Costs incurred
We understand the heart of a student. By our experience we know that the cost charged at any other place is bit high compared to their services offered.

Great Ambience
That’s what you can experience coming down at our place! A good environment not only means the ambience, audio and videos, but the comfort and compatibility of students to their trainer too.

Reason of good results
Here a student is not treated as once fee payment is done, we forgot you! Every student is cared by the trainer for its performance and doubts regularly so as to keep up the motivation alive.

Fastest Curriculum Offered
No time waste! You get instant start-up with everything like course schedule, components and tests explained by our experienced trainers once you are enrolled.

Nihongomax is the best Japanese language institute in Delhi and for 7 years, consistently Nihongomax is achieving top JLPT results and we really owe this success to our dedicated trainers, innovative teaching methodologies, persevering counselors and carefully designed study material. Fees is the cheapest and the main reason behind the popularity of Nihongomax among the Japanese language learners is that we have been continuously giving the top JLPT passing ratio at every level, every year. Moreover the study methods and proper guidance about details of Japanese study helps students to gear themselves and start their study with right direction that lead them to the desired result. There are people who take 4-5 years to achieve advanced level in Japanese language by studying very hard. And there are people who do it in less than 20 months studying by a practical approach that is taught by Nihongomax Japanese language institute. It gives good choices of selecting the relevant time slot comfortable according to the students’ personal schedule and imparts extra help sessions to supplement their lost syllabus. Also the innovative video and audio sessions from day one helps students getting accustomed with the audio questions that come from the very beginners’ lever test in JLPT. Here comes a big difference with other institutes that don’t tell the new students about this difficult part because the trainers have to put a lot effort in covering it up. But here at Nihongomax, everything is explained from the very beginning at the joining of a new student. All these efforts make a student driven and motivated and make his/her future path very easy for Japanese language study. In addition to this, Nihongomax organizes various extra-curricular activities like kaiwa workshops, origami workshops, and business etiquette workshops from time to time. We believe that such activities keep the students updated and interested in the course. We also reward students with special gifts for regularity and good performance at the end of the course. To know more about Nihongomax institute, Click on NIHONGOMAX.

About Japanese Language Study
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